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Request of Changing Status

xxxxxxx xxx

  This summer (2006) I joined my husband in the United States. He is a graduate student at Boston University. We plan to return to China right after his graduation. My career goal is to be a successful economics journalist in China, equipped with my previous majors, Journalism and Chinese Literature.

  After talking with my parents and my friends in China in the phone recently, I feel that to be a successful Economics reporter, one should not just be able to write down the facts, but also to have his or her own understanding, analysis and opinions. To achieve that, I hope to have a chance to study Economics systematically. An important area I am interested to focus on is to improve my skill to analyze the information from the market and learn how these analyses affect financial decisions of individuals, industries and nations.

  Im really glad to have the opportunity to join the graduate program at Boston University. So Im here, to apply changing my F-2 visa status to F-1 visa status, so that I could study at Boston University with valid visa status. I plan to take 16 credit courses at Boston University every semester including summer semester, which leads to my graduation in one year. The estimate expense for graduate student at Boston University for 12 months is $52.682. My husband (Xxxxx Xxxx) will fund me the tuition fees and living expenses during the time of study at Boston University. Please find the support letter and original financial document attached. The total amount of money in the financial document is 480,000 Chinese Yuan (CNY), which is equivalent to $61,060.9 US Dollar (USD) and enough for me the complete my study.

  Im confident I can get a good position in Shenzhen Television Station in China, with my previous internship experience there and the professional knowledge I will obtain here.

  Name of Applicant:_________________ Sigature of Applicant:_________________


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